AWS tiene hoy día bastantes certificaciones disponibles. Compite con otras soluciones como Google Cloud o Microsoft Azure, aunque a sus mandos tiene a Andy Jassy, persona que sustituirá al mediático Jeff Bezos. Dejando a un lado lo más general, en este artículo (y su continuación), se ofrecerá una pequeña guía/resumen para preparar la certificación de entrada a AWS. No tendrá lenguaje técnico en exceso y las explicaciones serán claras, para que sea accesible a cualquier tipo de público.

¿Es para mí la certificación AWS Cloud Practitioner?

Depende. Si eres un desarrollador como yo, puede que te interesen más otras, las…

This article explains the reason for taking analytics as an introduction to a set of technical articles related with React Native, AWS ( Amplify, Pinpoint).

I love Analytics and I’m sure that you will be too.

Developers, as me, usually think that our application is amazing, without any error. Obviously, we think that the user will understand it perfectly. Error.

Real life. Unexpected behavior.
Real life. Unexpected behavior.

Relax, it’s normal. In the early stages of development, there is not a significant number of users to validate your results. However, that is no excuse for not taking action on the matter. What’s the solution? Analytics.

It is time…


Lonely? If so, you’re not alone.

A 2018 survey from The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 22% of adults in the United States and 23% in the United Kingdom report that they always or often feel lonely or isolated.

And it’s more than a feeling. Loneliness has ramifications for both health and longevity. One large-scale study based out of Brigham Young University found that social isolation is as bad for one’s health as alcoholism or smoking 15 cigaretes a day.

Millennials are connected in myriad ways — Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter — but while they have these…

KiKi Social

KiKi is a social marketplace that connects like-minded people to enjoy real experiences nearby #LetsKiKi

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